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House Activities

All the students in the school are divided into four Houses, which have been named after individuals who contributed to a larger cause, they were rational and thinking people whose actions were driven by reason rather than assumption, and they were ethical and sensitive human beings who were not afraid to do what was right. There are two periods weekly allotted for the house activities. Each week’s activities are pre-planned and it is ensured that every student gets sufficient exposure and chance to come upon the stage.

  • Newton House – Dare to dream,successful
  • Bose House – Use today, prepare tomorrow
  • Einstein House – Face the wind of adversity and became a winner
  • Raman House – Announce your goal to achieve success

Club Activities

All the students are allotted one club. There are two periods weekly allotted for the clubs. Experts and trainers for all games and other activities of clubs come to coach and supervise students. Following are the clubs:

  • Literary Club
  • Eco Club
  • Art & Craft Club
  • Basket Ball Club
  • Football Club
  • Music Club
  • Dance Club
  • Chess
  • Carrom
  • Table Tennis
  • Science Club

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