The school has a well equipped and highly nourished infrastructure . It is located on "Asian Acres”, Nahar Chowk,Bailey Road, Patna.It has a lush green campus, a grand sized safe building and large playground.



Our school environment creates a learning space to facilitate your child to open up, look for answers and excel. Every classroom is spacious, bright and airy to help your child's imagination and make her/him open to learning.



Our composite science lab is very spacious room which caters to the experimental minds of all our students. Laboratory activities and experiments engage students mind which help them to acquire skills, knowledge and confidence. The laboratory is equipped with the latest equipments.



“Hibernate yourself with good books.”

It is a very true saying that books are the best friends of humans. Our school library is spacious and has comfortable seating arrangements. It is well equipped with books catering almost to all the subjects, moral values, technologies, general awareness, biographies etc.



The school has a fleet of buses and wingers which ply in almost all the routes of Patna. The vehicles are well equipped with RO water, first aid box, mobile phone and other safety measures. To locate the exact position, time and speed of the vehicles, GPS is installed in all our vehicles.

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