Leed's Asian School is a vibrant and wholesome Indian model of a Public School for Pre-Primary, Primary, Secondary and Senior Secondary Education which is groomed under the guidance and command of leading educationists and professionals from all over the country.

As an organization we believe it is our responsibility to develop model citizens who will shape the world, reduce the nation's carbon footprint and extend our rich heritage. This will only be possible by improving the quality of our children's education. We are committed to build a strong healthy country founded on human values. Our schools will offer child-centric education which draws on the learning and the achievements of the top school systems around the world.


Aim & Objectives

Every child has immense potentials, but efforts have not been made to explore them.To meet this urgent need of the society, Leeds Asian School has come forward with the courage and confidence to establish an English medium school of academic excellence. Leeds is determined to maintain high standards by imparting quality education.


Mission & Vision

The school's Educational philosophy aims at providing a pragmatic, broad-based career oriented education where the Curriculum is a judicious mix of academics, sports and co-curricular activities designed to transfrirm children into thinking and level headed persons, equipped with moral fibre and life-skills, enabling them to compete and excel in any situation anywhere in the world.


Groups of Schools

A lush green campus, a grand sized safe building and a large playground awaits your children and promises to give them a well nurtured future and make them capacitative to face today's competitive world and succeed in the same.


Chairman’s Message

Children are the most valuable assets of any nation and most importantly, I believe in building up the character of each student from the very childhood. We ensure thorough quality education, we depart a complete competitive environment where each child derives the maximum benefit and gets exposed to various challenges of life.


Principal’s Message

Our mission is to prepare children to achieve their full academic potential and pursue useful and principled lives by providing holistic education that is spiritually, aesthetically and academically grounded to meet the global standards of modern life. The faculty and staff provide an intellectually stimulating and emotionally enriching environment so that our students may develop self confidence.



We believe that teachers are the torch bearers for the students. The teachers are selected from different states of India on the basis of their qualification , experience and effectiveness. Strong command over English and Computer application is mandatory.